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Why was the "Baby Point Heritage Foundation" Incorporated ?

Home Smith

The concept of the Baby Point Heritage Foundation grew out of the controversy that developed around the impending demolition of 66 Baby Point Road by the present owners of that property who purchased it in August 2008 from the Estate of the late Park Merryfield.

That home was an integral part of the development of "The Circle" by Robert Home Smith and the Humber Valley Land Corporation.

A majority of the residents of the neighbourhood opposed the plans of Mr. and Mrs. Bozinoff to demolish this heritage Arts & Crafts home and erect in its place an oversized home of approximately 7000 sq. feet, described as a McMansion.

The home will be built lotline to lotline obliterating the spacious visual apertures between the existing homes and disrupting the long standing architectural integrity of the Baby Point Circle neighborhood.

The placement on the lot requires a change in the setback of the new house which will significantly alter the harmony and visual rhythm of the en echelon placement of the existing homes throughout the curvature of Baby Point Road as it follows the old north bank of the Humber River.

Through the knowledge and information gained during the public debate and the accompanying political process that surrounded this debate, it is the hope of the founding members of the BPHF that that the neighbourhood will engage in continuing discussions regarding development in the area, particularly redevelopment that threatens to adversley impact the cultural history and architectural heritage of the community.

The Baby Point Heritage Foundation is committed to participating in that debate with the goal of establishing a plan of action that will provide the means by which the Baby Point enclave will be able to protect and maintain its historical atmosphere and architectural integrity

The Foundation is convinced that this plan of action centers around achieving designation of Baby Point as a Heritage Conservation Disrict (HCD)

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