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Valley of the Humber
After a recent walk with the Councillor for Ward 13 through the Baby Point Humber Valley Ravine adjacent to Magwood Park, discussion turned to the central issue as to how to best use the ravine lands while protectng them from overuse and vandalization.

This lead to the direct question that if the area was made more attractive and its many features more widely advertized, "would we not be concerned that visitors would come and damage what we have and maybe start digging on the historic Thunderbird Burial Mound " ?

The short answer to this query is no....
I would not be concerned about increased traffic that would prove detrimental and destructive.

The longer answer is related to the following images, in what can be described as ....
"A Dream for the Ravine"

I envisage a Humber Ravine development plan that would guide traffic and at the same time educate visitors by way of a series of educational way stations with large Permanent Displays that present Graphics & Text that are based on the following topics.

Taiaiacon Plaque Ravine BPRd Stairs

1. Outline the recent History of the Baby Point area. (200+ years)
{click all photographs to enlarge }

Ravine Bottom Lands
2. Present the story of the Geology/Geography of the Humber River over time.... the development of the bottom lands (part of the Pleistocene Geological history of Toronto)

Wigwam in Ravine Bottom Lands Wigwam in Ravine Bottom Lands
3. A review of the History of the Aboriginal communities - the Seneca Indian Teiaiagon Village, the Hopewell Network etc.
Figure - Seneca Indian Ceremonial Comb found at Baby Point Crescent in 2007

Trilliums in Ravine Bottom Lands Ravine Trees
4. The Flora including Black Oak habitat & wildflowers

Fox from Ravine Bottom Lands
5. The Wildlife of the area.

The Ravine at Risk
6. Ravine Erosion and Ravine Stewardship
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Thunderbird Burial Mound in Ravine Bottom Lands
7. The Archaeology of the Aboriginal Thunderbird Burial Mound with an access stairway/path up around & down with appropriate roping off the Crown of the Mound (see Miamisburg, Ohio example)


This is a brief review of what I think could be done in the Ravine to the north of Baby Point Road and adjacent to Magwood Park. I am certain that Mr. Geoff Cape, who recently published an article in the Globe & Mail about the use of ravine land in the GTA, may have a different vision with a broader scope. I would be interested in his overview of the Baby Point Humber River ravine !

The views or opinions expressed above are those of the author (RDG). They do not represent in whole or in part, the policy of the Baby Point Heritage Foundation"

Keep Friday, May 13th open to Celebrate the "Baby Point" Centenary : 1911 - 2011

The Baby Point Heritage Foundation is planning a Centennial Celebration of the Baby Point neighbourhood on Friday, May 13th., 7:30 - 9:30 at 67 Baby Point Crescent. Keep the evening open...... Invitations to follow!

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