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Invitation May 24,2013
The War of 1812: The USA versus Great Britain

In his recently published tome, the renowned American Historian, Alan Taylor named this conflict the Civil War of 1812.... a war both serious and silly!

The Americans through the governing Republican Party, declared War in January of 1812. However the first significant campaign only commenced some six months later when the the Governor of Michigan wearing his hat (and uniform) of the commanding officer of the American forces in the north central part of the new Republic crossed the border near Sandwich in Upper Canada (now Windsor, Ontario) and engaged British troops in what ultimately would become South Western Ontario.

Francois Baby House One of the first properties General Hull laid waste to, was that of his friend and former business acquaintance Francois Baby, who was once established in the family business on the Detroit side of the river.

Later, in the campaign a General Wm. Harrison at the Battle of the Thames (Moraviatown), would imprison his brother Jacques "James" Baby and pillage and burn his property, after making the Baby property, the American Headquarters in Upper Canada.

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